Graduate Course Credit

Many of the Graduate Programs associated with the G51 Venture Scholars recognize this program as a course credit in their MBA or Entrepreneurship programs.

Obtain Real-World Experience

Work side-by-side with experienced business leaders, technologists, and mentors who spend time teaching, coaching, and mentoring you.

Employers Value Our Alumni

Our Research is strategically used by some of the country’s most innovative companies, and your work is a great way to gain access to these hiring managers.

Apply to be a G51 Venture Scholar

Our Goal for Graduate Students

“Our goal is to create an exceptional network of future business leaders grounded in technology innovation and entrepreneurship. We are connecting with the best business schools and entrepreneurial institutions, in the United States and internationally, to enable a global renaissance of science and technology commercialization.”

-Rudy Garza

Founder, Managing Partner G51

What is the G51 Venture Scholars Program?

Deal Flow Review

Each Venture Scholar will review business plans, partake in Shark Reviews, and share opinions with G51 Partners. Participate in person or via video conferencing.

Interact with Entrepreneurs

Venture Scholars will communicate and work with entrepreneurs, helping to facilitate dialog between the entrepreneurs and G51. When possible, Venture Scholars will attend the entrepreneur’s pitch at G51 headquarters or remotely.

Work on G51 Projects

Venture Scholars may have the opportunity to source and work with companies. Venture Scholars may assist with various real world business problems for G51 and/or select startup companies.

Alumni Testimonials

“The G51 Venture Scholars program offered me an incredibly unique opportunity to dive into venture capital. From the get-go, the partners have a genuine desire to help you learn and achieve your career goals. Through frequent interactions with entrepreneurs and investment veterans, I refined skills in business model evaluation and market analysis. As a lifelong learner, I really valued the ability to support innovation on the ground while contributing to the advancement of our society.”

Dana SunMBA: Chicago Booth ’20

I was pushed to learn how to research and present companies – skills that have usefulness in many other aspects of business and school. [The Venture Scholar’s program has provided] credible, solid, material for recruiting for internships in VC, corp dev, Product management, tech, etc. I have already been asked multiple times about G-51 in interviews.

Raj BajwaMBA: University of Texas ’21

G51 Ventures helped me significantly improve my analysis of early-stage businesses. It also helped going into marketing courses and financial discussions with early-stage prospective employers. Now, I am going to be helping an early-stage company raise money and I have a much better sense of what investors are looking for, based on this experience.

Neil JenningsMBA: Boston University ’21

“I thoroughly enjoyed the year I spent at G51 learning about the Austin early-stage game. Rudy and Lauranne were 2 great mentors and I continue to seek their guidance today. Because of their counsel, I found my way to Austin Ventures and then eventually to Spredfast. It all started with the Socialware investment… It served as the catalyst for an eventual career in the social software space.”

Current position: SVP of Business & Corporate Development at Spredfast

Dan DomanMBA: Boston College

“My time at G51 was integral to my professional and personal development. As a Venture Scholar, I received unparalleled insight into deal flow, due diligence and valuation processes as well as angel and venture capital industry trends. I honed skills in industry analysis and business model evaluation through regular interaction with entrepreneurs and their management teams. The G51 team, led by Rudy, is an exceptional group of the highest intellectual and ethical caliber, and I am grateful and proud to be associated with G51.”

Current position: Vice President – Investment Management at Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Kelly ScogginsMBA: University of Texas

“It’s not possible in this short amount of space to truly describe how valuable the time was I spent as a G51 Venture Scholar, but here are two things I reflect back on the most.  First,  Experiential Learning.  From Day 1 at the office, G51 had me plugged into due diligence assignments that brought instant reality to my coursework most MBAs never see while in business school.  Secondly, Family.  G51 has created an environment that cares about getting to know each Venture Scholar personally and takes the time to invest in their personal development. I’ve made life-long friends through my time as a Venture Scholar because of the caliber of individuals at G51.”

Current Position: Senior Associate at GE Ventures

Ty FindleyMBA: Baylor

The G51 Venture Scholars program gave me the opportunity to gain feedback from seasoned venture investors. From the weekly pitch feedback to the live Q&A, I am glad to have had the opportunity to research early-stage companies and turn my findings into a comprehensive pitch. [The program] was a wonderful stepping stone into Venture Capital by giving me the practice needed to feel confident in conducting due diligence and pitching early-stage companies to venture investors.

Emily JonesMBA: University of Texas ’21

Faculty Testimonials

“The experience that our students have with G51 is incredible. Not only do our students get to learn how to assess potential deals, they have the opportunity to present their findings to experts at G51. This is “hands-on” and provides our students with knowledge and ability that will be valuable throughout their careers. We are proud of our partnership with G51.”

Gary R. Carini, Ph.D.Associate Dean of the Hankamer School of Business, Baylor Universityhttps://

“The G51 Venture Scholars Program has been a tremendous opportunity for our students and the University. We are proud to support this program as a part of our goal to enhance entrepreneurship and innovation at the McCombs School of Business.”

Thomas W. Gilligan, Ph.D.Dean of the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas

“In working with the G51 Venture Scholars Program, our students get first-hand experience evaluating and analyzing deals. This is an excellent complement to our educational offerings at Duke University, and I recommend it to students that have the opportunity to participate.”

Howie Rhee, MBAManaging Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

G51 Golf Ball Challenge

Any G51 Intern or Venture Scholar who takes a G51 golf ball to somewhere in the world where Rudy will not be able to retrieve it and posts a video on YouTube will have their video placed on the hall of fame wall below!

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